Is Destruction of the Living World Really Progress?

"It's time to shout stop on this war on the living world.  Our consumption is trashing a natural world infinitely more fascinating and intricate than the stuff we produce.

This is a moment at which anyone with the capacity for reflection should stop and wonder what we are doing.

If the news that in the past 40 years the world has lost over 50% of its vertebrate wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish) fails to tell us that there is something wrong with the way we live, it’s hard to imagine what could. Who believes that a social and economic system which has this effect is a healthy one? Who, contemplating this loss, could call it progress?"  -- George Monbiot, The Guardian 

Click HERE to see full post from George Monbiot in The Guardian.  

Creating an Economy that Works

The economy is not a force of Nature or an act of God.  It is a human-made construct.  We invented it and we can reinvent it.  We can make the transition to an innovative, resilient clean economy. 

In fact, such bold innovation and reinvention is in our American cultural DNA.  We did it when we harnessed the power of oil in 1859.  We did it during the Industrial Revolution when we created mass production. We did it after the Great Depression when we built the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge.   And we did it when we tapped the creativity of the space race to develop myriad new products and companies. 

It is time to do it again, to lean into creating an economy that will simultaneously increase prosperity for our people, reinvigorate the American Dream, and restore the environment.  This is the greatest challenge and opportunity of our lifetime.  

Global Wellbeing and GNH Lab from Presencing Institute on Vimeo.

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