3EStrategies Launches New Cannabis Industry Services Program 

The mission of our new Cannabis Industry Services program is to empower socially responsible cannabis entrepreneurs and enterprises.  

We are here to help cannabis ​businesses become successful social enterprises.  A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental wellbeing. The Social Enterprise, Conscious Consumption and Socially Responsible Investing movement is growing rapidly. It’s estimated at least 1 in four Americans intentionally support these types of businesses and products.  

The cannabis industry has tremendous potential to benefit society and develop an important and lucrative niche in the Conscious Consumerism market. However, at its current level of development it is responsible for significant environmental impacts (energy and water consumption and chemical usage) and has not yet fully developed its opportunity to support significant investments in community development and social benefit strategies.  

3EStrategies is helping cannabis industry entrepreneurs do well by doing good by providing expertise on designing resource efficient grow facilities and storefronts, cash and tax incentives to help pay for investment in sustainable facilities, developing corporate giving programs and capitalizing on building a social enterprise ethic into the company and product brand. 

We will be at the National Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in Oakland in mid-June.  

Empowering changemakers to build a saner, sustainable economy that restores nature and improves the quality of our lives.

We work with social entrepreneurs, non-profit ​change makers, hard working advocates and everyday environmentalists to create and promote successful projects and products that contribute to a saner, more equitable, sustainable economy.  

What Makes Us Unique:

3E consultants have the unique combination of deep understanding of energy, climate, sustainability and new economy issues along with fantastic writing, speaking and communications skills.  
We know a lot about the wonky stuff and how to talk about the wonky stuff in a compelling, convincing, engaging way!

We are super creative, innovative thinkers who are also super organized and efficient.  We start with what's possible rather than what is, then connect dots, cross-pollinate and implement.  

We know how to get the team to a big vision and then take steps to make that vision real.  We are Visionary Doers!

    What We're Really Good At:

    • Empowering change-makers with the knowledge, support and relationship building to make their biggest positive impact on our world.
    • Creating and navigating collaborative processes and projects especially for complex, diverse and potentially conflict-rich projects.
    • Developing and delivering highly effective communications and outreach message and strategies.

    The economy is not a force of Nature or an act of God.  It is a human-made construct.  We invented it and we can reinvent it.  We can make the transition to an innovative, resilient clean economy.  This is the greatest challenge and opportunity of our lifetime.  

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    Book Cylvia for upcoming events

    Cylvia is an award winning New Economy leader who is known for speaking truth to power.  She is a smart systems thinker who understands and is able to describe the deeper connections between seemingly unrelated issues.  She is a gifted writer and speaker and is the former First Lady of Oregon.  

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