The New Economy Movement by Cylvia Hayes

January 17th, 2016

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Climate change, environmental damage and many aspects of poverty are all symptoms of a faulty economic system, one that measures the wrong things, that does not account for the true costs of activities that damage the environment and people. Treating climate change or poverty without addressing the structural flaws in the economy is like putting a Band-Aid over a severed limb. With that treatment plan the patient, this planet, is going to bleed out.

We need to fundamentally evolve our economy, to keep pace with the current environmental and demographic conditions. The very good news is, even though you won’t hear much about this in mainstream media, a whole lot of people are working to do just that. There is in fact a growing global New Economy Movement.

The New Economy Coalition describes itself as, “a network of organizations imagining and building a future where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive.” They are working to create deep change in the economy and politics so that a fundamentally new system can take root. It is a dynamic organization creating and holding a space to address some of the most important issues of our time.

A very exciting and hopeful development in the New Economy Movement is the Next System Project which is focusing directly on the systemic challenges the United States is now facing and working to create a vision and tools for building a system better suited to meet those challenges.

3EStrategies has been participating in a global wellbeing lab that is filled with new economy resources.

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