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Surprising Project about Trump

December 5th, 2016

reasons to believe-FINAL.inddWanted to share with you a fun project I’ve been involved with. Believe it or not it’s a book exploring evidence that Donald Trump will be a great President! Stay with me ….. !

In this book, Dr. Ann Alystiam reveals the qualifications and evidence suggesting that Donald Trump will be a great President. She documents Trump’s genuine promises and strong commitments to:

  • Bettering the Lives of Working-class People
  • Supporting People Who Aren’t Wealthy, White and Straight
  • Treating Women With Respect
  • Protecting our Environment and Livability of our Planet

The book is an exceptionally easy read and concludes with a surprisingly hopeful epilogue. Whatever you do don’t miss the epilogue!

A great gift to bring some humor and healing into the New Year and new political reality.

I know those of you who know me will find this a huge surprise but just check out the book description when it comes out in the next day or two. It’s not what you might be thinking!

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