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Services for Hard-Working Advocates


Being an activist and advocate isn’t for wimps.  The more educated we get about what’s going on around us the more we open ourselves up to pain.  Because we care so deeply we work, a LOT, and live under a constant sense of urgency.  Burn out is all too common.  

3EStrategies believes that our biggest contribution may come from empowering other change-makers to rise above stress and discouragement and build hope and resiliency so that they can be optimally effective in their lives and their work. 

As lifelong, award winning environmental and social advocates and social entrepreneurs we know exactly what it’s like to be overworked, spread-too-thin activists.  And we know exactly what it feels like to be attacked by powerful interests.  That's why ​we are fully committed to empowering fellow change-agents. 

For more information on our ChangeMaker Empowerment Trainings see here.  

We also offer one-on-one coaching to help fellow activists overcome despair and burn out and recapture passion and balance in their lives through Resiliency and Empowerment Coaching.  

After all doing our best for the environment out there depends upon taking care of our inner environment.  


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Cylvia is an award winning New Economy leader who is known for speaking truth to power.  She is a smart systems thinker who understands and is able to describe the deeper connections between seemingly unrelated issues.  She is a gifted writer and speaker and is the former First Lady of Oregon.  

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