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Cylvia Hayes, Founder and CEO of 3EStrategies, is an award-winning environmental and anti-poverty activist and the former First Lady of Oregon.  She combines deep knowledge of sustainability, social enterprise and New Economy issues with deep heart, spirit and powerful communication skills.  She is an expert in collaborative and conscious leadership. 

Cylvia is an elected member of the Unity Worldwide Ministries EarthCare Leadership Team and a Senior Fellow and former Board of Director member of the American Leadership Forum Oregon.  She co-chaired the Oregon Renewable Energy Working Group, which developed Oregon’s Renewable Energy Standard, Renewable Fuels Standard and other clean energy policies.  

In her role as First Lady of Oregon from 2011 to 2015, Cylvia led the Oregon Prosperity Initiative working to stamp out poverty and hunger.  She also led development of the Oregon Ten Year Energy Plan and the Oregon Genuine Progress (Sustainable Economy) Indicator.

Cylvia has won numerous awards and holds a Masters in Environmental Studies degree from The Evergreen State College.  She is currently an affiliate faculty with Oregon State University.  She is also completing ministerial school through Unity Worldwide Urban Ministries.  She is a certified Empowerment Coach and Trainer through the Tony Robbins – Chloe Madanes Coaching Institute and is founder of Cylvia Hayes Empowerment Coaching

Cylvia has led a very unconventional life – starting out as a cowgirl and farm kid, surviving deep trauma, winding up on her own at 16, working as a heavy equipment operator and playing scholarship soccer to pay for becoming a first generation college graduate. Later founding successful businesses, traveling to and doing business in over 20 countries (so far), being appointed by governors and even serving as First Lady of Oregon. More recently moving through an intense public shaming to the stage to deliver a widely viewed TEDx talk.  Her new book, When Life Blows Up: Peace, Power and Reinvention will be out in 2019.  She is a major dog lover (especially of Tessa her recently passed 90 pound lapdog), a beekeeper, river rafter, hiker and unabashed tree-hugger even though she was raised a rough little redneck (that part is said with respect and a smile).

Cylvia’s full CV can be found here.  

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Cylvia is an award winning New Economy leader who is known for speaking truth to power.  She is a smart systems thinker who understands and is able to describe the deeper connections between seemingly unrelated issues.  She is a gifted writer and speaker and is the former First Lady of Oregon.  

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