To accelerate the transition to an economy that is environmentally restorative and increases opportunities for people to prosper.


The economy is not an act of God or a force of nature.  It is a human-made construct.  We invented it, which means we can reinvent it.  In fact, we have done so over and over again.

This is time to reinvent, to evolve our economy so that it better meets our needs.  

In this evolved, updated economic system:

  • Clean, renewable energy sources have replaced fossil fuels;
  • People live, travel and do business in ways that are good for the environment, good for the economy and good for communities;
  • All people have opportunities to become economically secure;
  • Buildings are made of sustainable materials and generate more energy than they consume;
  • We are effectively slowing global climate change, while growing a strong economy.
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Cylvia is a speaker, writer and teacher of Economic Evolution.  She is an award winning New Economy leader who is known for speaking truth to power.  

She is faculty in the Sustainability Department, College of Agriculture, Oregon State University and is founder and director of The ReThink.    

She is a smart systems thinker who understands and is able to describe the deeper connections between seemingly unrelated issues. She is also the former First Lady of Oregon.


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