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Would You Like a Different Economy?

February 27th, 2017

How’s this economy working for you? What’s the economy for anyway?

These are hugely important questions — and I’d LOVE to hear your answers!

My mission for my entire adult life has been to do whatever I can to help us move toward an economy that heals and takes care of the planet and one another.

So I am thrilled to be part of the upcoming New Economy for Social Innovation forum (NESI), which brings together the main actors of change and opinion leaders to think, and work to lay the foundations of a new economy – more sustainable, social, based on values and aimed at the common good. It will gather 900 speakers, opinion leaders and change-makers from all over the world in Malaga, Spain, on 19th-22th April, 2016.

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Posted by Cylvia Hayes at 8:32 pm