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Clean Economy will trump Trump

June 1st, 2017

Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is a beautiful example of American exceptionalism. Exceptionally stupid. Exceptionally arrogant. Exceptionally selfish. Exceptionally short-sighted. We now join the exceptional nations of Syria and Nicaragua in opting out.

This is such a pathetic example of belligerence and ignorance trumping leadership and sanity. Any system that allows such a reckless vocal minority to rise to power is not a shining beacon — it’s cancer.

Trump has said there is no global community, only nations competing with one another. Competition or not we are a community. Thank god some of the actual leaders in the world are stepping up and they will continue to move to address the most serious threat of climate change.

It’s a sad and frustrating day, but don’t lose hope or resolve. There has never been a more important time for activists and socially responsible business leaders to keep up the good fight.

Here’s a very good and hopeful piece about how the Clean Energy Economy will trump this idiotic decision.

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Posted by Cylvia Hayes at 3:38 pm