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Maybe it’s Not Happening to Us but Happening FOR Us!

July 30th, 2017

Those of you who have been clients and colleagues of 3EStrategies for a while know that we bring a deeper more philosophical, even spiritual perspective to our consulting work. That’s part of our company’s culture and DNA.

Those who follow us more closely might also know that I personally have been through a pretty tough politically motivated media onslaught the last couple years. It’s been one heck of difficult challenge and I’m grateful, though not surprised, that the false allegations have been revealed to be just that and are finally laid to rest.

However, one of the two media outlets responsible for most of the false reporting continued to try to discredit me when 3EStrategies published our first Sustainable Cannabis Tips and Tools newsletter. On what must have been a really slow news day the Oregonian actually featured this as the front-page article in a way that was clearly a smear attempt, trying to make me look bad because I am offering social enterprise and sustainability services to the cannabis industry. As thick as my skin has become it still rankled a little.  I mean really what does it take to shake these particular fleas?!

But then I drew upon all the growth and resiliency muscles I’ve developed these past few years. I have worked a lot with a Course in Miracles and remembered the teaching that advises to consider that maybe the situation before us isn’t what it looks like.  Maybe it’s not happening to us but happening for us?  And, what’s the risk in considering that possibility?

Well, as it turns out, the smear piece got noticed by some others. Culture magazine ran a positive article countering the Oregonian’s false narrative and we’ve had a flood of business inquiries and our largest canna-client to date!

There is massive, massive power in learning to monitor our thoughts, drop initial judgments about every situation and just consider that, despite appearances, the uncomfortable thing happening might be happening FOR us.

So, take heart all of you pioneering social entrepreneurs and activists. Though the old status quo institutions and systems may resist your positive intentions and directions you have more power and support than you know.

Cylvia Hayes

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